Coming off the heels of 2018’s acclaimed Headacher, Extra Arms is set to release a brand new album titled Up From Herein 2019. According to founder and frontman Ryan Allen, this is a 22-minute concept record. That’s right, 22 minutes. 


Allen went through a divorce during the writing of Up From Here. He decided to write songs from the perspective of letting go and the stages from grief to acceptance. It’s not meant to be a downer record, as there is an emphasis on finding a positive, new way of life for yourself. “It’s more about the idea of becoming separated from something unexpectedly and going through that process of trying to figure things out,” Allen says. 


There was a desire to make things more universal about finding yourself instead of making a straightforward divorce record. “We all make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that things are over,” Allen says.


Up From Here has eight brand new songs from the Detroit-based quartet. Equal doses of power pop and punk, think of this as for the fan who has Jellyfish, Superchunk, Cheap Trick, and various Wipers and Ramones releases in their collection. Citing influences from Bob Mould to Superdrag to Ted Leo, there is a love of rich melody with a lot of amplification reflected on Up From Here. “We just like to play loud,” Allen says.


Formerly a solo project for Allen, the band is rounded out by guitarist Michael Gallacher, bassist Ryan Marshall, and new drummer Daniel Stover. Recorded in five days in June 2019 with producer Paul Miner (Touché Amoré, New Found Glory, Thrice), the recording was challenging but fun as well. “Paul really made us step up our game, but doing it in a way that was really positive and encouraging,” Allen says.


Extra Arms has been featured in many outlets, including Stereogum, Pop Mattersand The Detroit Metro Times. “[Headacher is] a record that is as catchy as it is meaningful, as meticulous as it is powerful,” wrote Ghetto Blaster Magazine.


Daniel Stover - drums / Ryan Allen - guitar & vocals / Ryan Marshall - bass / Michael Gallacher - guitar